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- Millésime 2022 -

Rare and precious,

Ruche Premier Fir Honey 2022 has a sweet, malty flavor without any bitterness with a typical hazelnut aftertaste of toasted bread, a marked and very pleasant aromatic smell.

It remains liquid for a long time and its sweetening power is lower than other honeys.

In some years, the fir honey harvest is difficult, irregular and unpredictable; it may even be non-existent.

This fir honey is produced in the Vosges, France.

Flacon - 700gr

59 €

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- Millésime 2022 -

The 2022 acacia harvest is the definition of purity.

Coming from France in the Vosges mountains, it is almost transparent with gold reflections.

Just after the acacia flowers bloom, they are foraged to bring out the best of the plant.

A delicate vanilla scent, and white flowers and peach.

Flacon - 700gr

69 €

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The very first Ruche Premier item, the Chestnut Honey is the most iconic harvest of the brand. It comes from the Vosges Mountains, one of the most praised French terroirs in France, and is made with the old tradition of honey making.

Chestnut honey comes from the flower nectar of blooming chestnut trees.

It has a deep dark amber color, supporting a robust and unique flavor, that holds a floral note and a certain bitterness to it.

Flacon - 700gr

159 €

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Always made with the rich tradition of making honey.

Acacia honey comes from the nectar of flowers, which is named after the tree on which it is collected. It is produced in France (in the Rhône valley)

It has a limpid color, very pale yellow which draws on light green, with a subtle taste, vanilla undertone, very delicate, floral, a little fruity.

Flacon - 700gr

Price on request

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